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Can't Pay My Fine

If you’ve received a court summons for failing to pay a fine, or have received a fine that you have no means to pay then you’ve come to the right place.

A quick phone call to Leslie Franks Solicitors could make all the difference and save you money.

CALL FREE ON 0800 6127128

Cant Pay My Fine

If you’ve received a court summons for failing to pay a fine, or have received a fine that you have no means to pay then you’ve come to the right place.

cantpaymyfine.co.uk has been set up by Leslie Franks Solicitors, a company of Criminal Defence Solicitors with a proven track record of success, to help you resolve your situation.

If you’re asked to attend a Magistrates Court for a means enquiry for a non – payment of fine matter then you can have a fully qualified Solicitor represent you in Court. In our experience the added value of being represented for these matters, where people have traditionally been unrepresented, can make a huge difference.

Legal aid is also available for representation during these matters, making our representation of you FREE!

If you are on:

Low Income;

No Income;

or Benefits;

Then an application for legal aid can be made on your behalf in order to secure you free representation at the Magistrates Court. You cannot get free representation in every case, but it may well be worth asking us to see if we can assist you.

A quick phone call could make all the difference and save you money. You can either CALL FREE ON 0800 6127128 or email us at info@lesliefranks.com with your details and we’ll call you straight back.

Don’t be at the back of the queue when you go to Court. If you instruct us then by time you get to Court we would have obtained your instructions, completed all of the financial documentation required for your hearing, agreed a strategy and be ready to go.

Our aim is to get your case dealt with as quickly as possible so that you can get on with your day. As we say at Leslie Franks, “in Court, out of Court and on your way.” Our team will always be at Court at 9am ready to go.

Left it to the last minute?

No problem, one of our lawyers can be with you in under 24 hours notice. Let us take the stress out of a difficult situation.

Non-Payment of Fines

You may be ordered to pay a fine if:

  • You have been convicted of a criminal offence
  • You have been caught speeding in your vehicle
  • You have not paid your T.V licence, Council Tax or Rail fares.
  • You have not complied with an order of the Court

There are many reasons why you may have been given a fine. Whatever the reason, it is important that you make the payments that have been ordered. A Court may allow you time to pay or allow you to pay by instalments. If you fall behind on payments, arrears may build up and the Court may issue enforcement proceedings against you. This may result in additional costs such as the costs for Bailiffs being added to the amount you owe.

Ignoring the problem will result in you having to go back to court. If a Court decides that you have intentionally refused to pay your fines then you may be forced to undertake unpaid work or you may even be sent to prison.

If you cannot afford to pay your fine because of a change in your financial circumstances, then a Court has the power to reduce the amount you must pay. In some circumstances the Court may even order that you pay nothing.

Our team of experienced lawyers has a track record of successfully arguing for thousands of pounds to be wiped off fines owed by clients, saving them money and stopping the Court sending them to prison.

If you are unemployed, have no income or on low income, public funding is available for you to be represented in these matters. This means that we can assist you without adding to the financial burden you are already facing. You will not have to make a contribution towards the cost of your legal representation.

CALL FREE ON 0800 6127128

Early advice is crucial if you have been arrested or accused of a criminal offence. Our team of specialist criminal lawyers ensure our clients are properly represented and informed. Call us now to discuss your case.


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