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Motoring Offences

If you've been accused or charged with a motoring offence early advice is crucial.

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Special Reasons

Where the law requires that the punishment for a driving offence should be penalty points or disqualification, in certain circumstances a court has discretion not to impose a driving disqualification or penalty points where there are special reasons.

Special reasons can be argued on a wide range of motoring offences and are reasons the Court considers that in the circumstances of the case you should not be disqualified or penalty points should not be added to your licence when the law would normally require that they are.

This means that if you believe there are exceptional circumstances in your case that explain why you drove in the way you did, or why you were unfit to drive, then you should seek legal advice before you plead guilty and risk losing your licence.

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Early advice is crucial if you have been arrested or accused of a criminal offence. Our team of specialist criminal lawyers ensure our clients are properly represented and informed. Call us now to discuss your case.


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