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Have you been arrested or held for questioning by the Police?

Leslie Franks provide free and independent police station advice. Available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week across London and the South East.

Police Station Representation

Our service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You need only telephone our 24 hour telephone number to secure immediate representation.

If you are arrested by the Police, attend at the Police station as a volunteer for questioning or are questioned on suspicion of a criminal offence by another organisation, for example the Department of Work and Pensions or local council investigators, you the right to free and independent legal advice at the place of interview.

The construction of your defence starts in your first interview. It follows that those suspected of criminal offences and questioned by the above organisations need immediate representation by experienced, skilled and sympathetic lawyers.

It is vital that as a suspect you make the right decisions before and during questioning as these decisions can have a decisive effect on whether you are charged or released, and if charged on how successful your defence can be in the courthouse.

Our team of qualified Solicitors and Police Station Representatives provide this service daily in Police stations across London and the South East of England. Our comprehensive training and daily experience in this work gives us the knowledge to provide you with the right advice at the right time in the Police station.

We are specialists and represent suspects facing Police questioning for offences ranging from murder, offences involving serious fraud or violence to offences allegedly committed by young people and those who have never been questioned previously on suspicion of criminal offences.

We recognise that people with different levels of experience require an individual and often sensitive approach. This is the cornerstone of our professional relationship with you. We will provide you with the right legal advice conveyed in a way that is comprehensive but easily understood.

We recognise that skill, tact and persistence with the police are often necessary and we do not shy away from this when it is needed.

Call us now on 0844 414 6035

Early advice is crucial if you have been arrested or accused of a criminal offence. Our team of specialist criminal lawyers ensure our clients are properly represented and informed. Call us now to discuss your case.


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